If you are like most women, makeup plays a key role in your life. It helps you transform your look to one that you love and feel confident in. If you fall into that category, you know shopping trip is hardly ever complete without adding a few items to your make up collection; maybe you want to try that new Rihanna lipstick, or maybe you want to buy new brushes. If you are a regular makeup buyer, you will soon realize that it can get messy on your dressing table with different makeup products all over the place.

Without a designated place to store your makeup in an organized manner, you will find yourself having to constantly dig through crammed pouches and purses to find the makeup you need every day which can waste a lot of your time.

Luckily, there’s an excellent solution to this problem; makeup organizers! A makeup organizer allows you to store and easily access your palettes, brushes, lipstick, and other cosmetics you need. An organizer creates so much order in your room or dressing table and helps reduce the time it takes you to put on your makeup every day. In this article, we look at 10 of the best makeup organizers that will definitely transform your life;

Best Makeup Organizers – Reviews

#10 STORi Premium Makeup Organizer

STORi Premium Makeup Organizer

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This spacious makeup organizer has 5 compartments that fit everything you need. The compartments are wide and ideal for large palettes and your tall bottles. It measures 6 inches by 12 inches, which is the perfect size for all your face, eye, nail and lip products. Other than makeup, the STORi Premium Makeup Organizer is also ideal for storing your hair supplies in an orderly manner.

#9 Boxalls Rotating Makeup Organizer

Boxalls Rotating Makeup Organizer

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This is an adjustable multilevel display box that features 360-degree rotation to give you the best view of all your favorite makeup products. It has 4 middle trays which may be fixed higher or lower heights to make it possible to accommodate different kinds of containers and cosmetics.

It measures 15 inches in height and 10.3 inches in diameter which provides enough space for your jewelry, eyeshadow, lipstick, brushes, pallets, eyeliner, nail polish, among other things. It is easy to install after which you get to save plenty of counter space.

#8 Maxkim Makeup Organizer

Maxkim Makeup Organizer

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This makeup organizer has a unique design and is constructed of strong ABS plastic that is smooth, soft, and easy to clean. It has round corners, smoothly polished edges, and a surface with no signs of burrs. Every time you use the Maxkim Makeup Organizer feels like a luxurious trip. The crystal knob is cut to a diamond shape which sparkles and looks exquisite.

With plenty of storage space, the Maxkim Makeup Organizer allows you to organize all your cosmetics, accessories and jewelry into a personalized dazzling beauty counter. If you don’t want your siblings or roommate using your makeup, you can lock the Maxkim Makeup Organizer for extra security.

#7 Glenor Beauty Makeup Train Case

Glenor Beauty Makeup Train Case

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If you need a case that you can easily move around from room to room or even take with you on a trip, you’ll love the Glenor Beauty Makeup Train Case. This makeup organizer is small and compact but it comes with a good number of compartments that keep your makeup where you want it to.

It is made of a strong aluminum frame with reinforced steel corners making it one of the most durable products out there. It has adjustable and removable dividers for the compartments that enable you to customize how you want your makeup organizer to look.

#6 Gianna’s Home Vanity Makeup Organizer

Gianna's Home Vanity Makeup Organizer

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This is a unique makeup designer that will look beautiful on your dresser, desk or vanity with its distressed white/gray shabby chic finish. It is made of wood that is not only durable but looks great and will blend in with any design. It features 3 drawers, 1 large cubby in the middle and six smaller cubbies on both sides.

It has plenty of room for all your makeup and cosmetics, with specially designed spaces for your large items like the palettes, your bottles, and tall brushes. It is easy to assemble and keep clean.

#5 Sorbus Makeup Organizer

Sorbus Makeup Organizer

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If space is your main priority when shopping for your makeup organizer, the Sorbus Makeup Organizer will give you more space than you could ever need. It has a beautiful transparent design that is visually appealing, blends in well with any existing style or decor, and makes it easy to see your makeup so that you don’t spend too much time looking for it.

It has 3 large drawers for your palettes, brushes and other large items as well as 4 smaller drawers for your other small items. The drawer handles are easy to grip and slide smoothly as they open or close. The Sorbus Makeup Organizer is suitable for both home and professional use.

#4 Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

Sanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

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This is a professional vanity makeup organizer that is made of high-quality acrylic that looks amazing and is very easy to clean. It contains 4-pack trays that may look small but are spacious enough to hold at least 20 skincare products, 30 makeup brushes and other cosmetics including nail polish, lipstick, eyeliner and others.

It can be easily assembled or disassembled when you need to clean it. Its rotating base makes it easy to find all your favorite products in record time.

#3 Readaeer Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

Readaeer Makeup Cosmetic Organizer

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If you are looking for an elegant, space-saving makeup organizer with plenty of space to store all the makeup you own, this is it. The Readaeer Makeup Cosmetic Organizer is a 4-piece set with 12 drawers and 16 compartments in the top section to give you plenty of space to work with.

It is detachable and stackable, allowing you to clean it easily and separate the compartments if needed. It has a removable black mesh padding that keeps all your makeup and jewelry protected. It comes in various colors including black, brown, purple, and the clear version which matches any decor.

#2 Ikee Design Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Ikee Design Acrylic Makeup Organizer

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This is a spacious makeup organizer that features 4 drawers, 2 small and 2 larger ones, along with various-sized compartments on top to make it easier for you to classify and organize all your make up products it is made of durable clear PS that is also easy to clean.

The top rack has 4 various-sized compartments and 12 lipstick slots. The bottom has 4 drawers, each with a black mesh to protect and keep your items in place. The Ikee Design Acrylic Makeup Organizer is available in multiple colors and sizes to suit your needs.

#1 Readaeer 360-Degree Adjustable Makeup Organizer

Readaeer 360-Degree Adjustable Makeup Organizer

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This makeup organizer makes it to the top of our list for 3 reasons; its design, build quality, and practicality. This is a 2-in-1 makeup organizer that has a 360-degree rotatable cosmetic organizer on one side and a standard organizer with 18 compartments on the other side.

It can be conveniently used to store differently sized makeup products neatly and with its 360-degree rotatable base, it’s easy to access any product you need. It is made of strong plastic that will last long and is easy to clean.

Makeup Organizers Buying Guide

Many ladies use makeup on a regular basis when going to work, school, dates, or even when just staying at home.

There are so many makeup products, each available in multiple colors and designs which means if you love makeup, you can find yourself buying endless makeup products.

Without a makeup organizer, your room can easily turn into a mess or some kind of sinkhole that swallows some of your favorite makeup products such that you never find them.

Read below on how to properly choose a makeup organizer for your needs.

The following are some of the reasons why you need a makeup organizer:

1. To organize your makeup

Obviously, the main reason for buying a makeup organizer is so that you can have one place where you can store all your makeup products in an orderly manner such that you don’t have to struggle every day searching in drawers and bags for your favorite lipstick or eye shadow. With a makeup organizer, you always know where each item is and even if you don’t, finding it is a lot easier.

2. Protect your makeup

A makeup organizer provides a cool, dry place to store your makeup and beauty products. Some makeup organizers even have locks on their compartments to keep your precious makeup products safe.

3. Save space

Without a makeup organizer, your makeup products will be spread all over your room, dresser or vanity leaving you with no space to work with. A makeup dresser takes just a small space but has lots of compartments and drawers to stash all your products comfortably while leaving plenty of space for more.

4. Save time

Wearing makeup already takes too much time. You don’t want to waste more time looking in drawers, purses or under your bed trying to find that red lipstick you know will match your outfit of the day. You may end up being late for work, school or other appointments. But, with a makeup organizer, finding your items is quick and easy as you know exactly where they are.

5. Declutter

With a makeup organizer, you will know which types of makeup you use regularly and which ones you don’t need to keep anymore.

To Consider When Buying a Makeup Organizer

1. How much makeup do you have or plan to buy?

When it comes to makeup needs, every woman is different. Some women need just a few products and they are good to go; one or two types of lipstick, one type of foundation, and a few brushes.

Other women will buy all types of makeup they can possibly afford, some of which is used once or never even used. If you use a lot of makeup, you better go for a makeup organizer with enough space for all your makeup needs.

2. Aesthetics

What good is a makeup organizer if it looks ugly on your dresser? The design of your makeup organizer also matters a lot as you will most likely have it in your room for many years.

You want to go for a design that looks exquisite and blends in well with the overall design of the rest of the room you put the makeup organizer in.

3. Material

The material used to make your makeup organizer also matters a lot. How strong is it? How resistant is it to wear and tear? All these factors come into play and decide how long your makeup organizer will last in good condition.

4. Maintenance

Just like any other piece of furniture, your makeup organizer will also need to be cleaned from time to time. As such, you need a make up organizer with an easy to clean material and easily accessible compartments. Some makeup organizers are detachable or stackable making it easy to clean individual compartments then reassemble it.

5. Transparency

Some people find it hard to find their makeup if they can’t see it even if they have an organizer. If you are one of those people, get a makeup organizer made of a transparent material such as acrylic to make it easy for you to see all your products without even touching it.

6. Versatility

Beauty and makeup products come in all shapes and sizes. Some people also need a makeup organizer that can store other things like jewelry, accessories, electronics and even documents.

Although it’s probably a good idea to keep these items elsewhere, it definitely would be great to have a makeup organizer that can be used for other purposes when needed. Your organizer should have compartments with different sizes and orientation to suit the different products you will store there.

7. Extra features

There are many features that some makeup organizer manufacturers add to improve functionality and gain an edge over their competitors.

For instance, the 360-degree rotation feature is heavily sought after as it makes it easy to view all your makeup products. Another feature to look out for is the mesh that keeps your makeup in place and protected.


You may not think you need it at first, but a makeup organizer can end up being one of the best things you ever bought for your room. We hope our guide gave you all the information you need to make the best choice for your makeup needs.