Plain Speciality Mirrors

A plain and simple mirror won't overpower your bathroom or take away from the beauty of a carefully chosen bathroom suite.  A strategically placed mirror can also add a sense of light and space to even the smallest room. All of our mirrors are top quality and are backed by manufacturer's 10 year guarantees.

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Rondo Mirror Rondo Mirror RRP: £76.00 £72.00
Tara Mirror 50x60cm Tara Mirror 50x60cm RRP: £71.00 £67.00
Lola Mirror 50x70cm Lola Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £124.00 £118.00
Melissa Mirror 50x70cm Melissa Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £130.00 £124.00
Flora Mirror 60x80cm Flora Mirror 60x80cm RRP: £172.00 £163.00
Megan Mirror 50x70cm Megan Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £119.00 £113.00
Lynk Mirror 40x60cm Lynk Mirror 40x60cm RRP: £190.00 £181.00
Clou Mirror 50x70cm Clou Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £78.00 £75.00
Jazz Mirror 40x80cm Jazz Mirror 40x80cm RRP: £101.00 £96.00
Georgia Mirror 50x70cm Georgia Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £195.00 £186.00
Isis Mirror 50x120cm Isis Mirror 50x120cm RRP: £176.00 £167.00
Albina Mirror 45x60cm Albina Mirror 45x60cm RRP: £63.00 £60.00
Opus Mirror 50x70cm Opus Mirror 50x70cm RRP: £122.00 £117.00

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