10 Best Back Scrubbers


  • 10 Best Back Scrubbers10 Best Back Scrubbers
    A lot of people forget that just like the rest of their body, the back also needs to be shown some love when taking a shower. Just because it is out of […]
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  • Black Slate TileBlack Slate Tile
    This is a natural product and therefore some shade differences can occur. This is a characteristic of the product. Tile is 8mm thick with a 2mm tolerance. […]
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    McAlpine Shower Trap and Waste  […]
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    There are two main types of natural stone bathroom tiles, slate and marble, each with their own attributes. When purchasing natural stone bathroom tiles […]
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    We have compiled for you a selection of special beautiful small sized bathtubs, which were specially designed for the compact bathroom solutions have been […]
  • Xanu Shower BathXanu Shower Bath
    Here are Bathroom Heaven we got a bit fed up with the short-comings of other shower baths on the market and so we decided to create our own shower bath. […]